245 The Boss Li

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Li Du was not a cheapskate. He understood how terrible it was to stand in the elevator for one minute—he had just experienced it.

Seeing these treasure hunters heavily sweating, he immediately pushed the small barrel of beer forward. "Help yourself."

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The treasure hunters were cheered, forgetting about the check-in procedures. They sat at the table beside them and filled some glasses with the cold beer.

"Thank God we have the beer! I can’t live in this scorching hot weather." Hans waved his hands to order two more barrels.

"Indeed," one of the treasure hunters said. "I have no idea who stole the method of making wine from God. Whoever did was greater than Prometheus, who stole fire."

"I would rather just die in the spring if there were no beer."

"Thank God, and thanks Li Du. One beer down in my belly, and my soul is flying in the sky!"

"Keep drinking, buddies!" Hans laughed. "We are brothers!"

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