1262 Ruthless

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The best-preserved building must have been a local bank in the past. The entrance door and the windows were all fortified and sealed tightly. There was a small quadrangle in front of the entrance with a flagpole erected on it.

The flag on the pole flapped in the wind. There were ten pair of hands painted on it with some Russian words written across the top. Li Du could not read Russian but could guess that the sigil was supposed to mean praying.

These were the headquarters of the Praying Gang.

Brother Wolf went forth to push the door open but the door had been locked from the inside. It was strong and did not give in an inch.

Right at that time, someone pushed open the windows on the second and third story. A few guns poked out from those windows.

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"Hey, sissies, what do you guys want?" A big burly man put his head out of the window and shouted as he raised a rifle.

Li Du smiled. "I'm here to look for your boss, Black Snake, Jonas Malone."

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