1263 Splitting Up

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"Have we raised his suspicion unnecessarily?" Luo Qun asked Li Du.

Li Du shook his head. "He can't hide anymore. We needed to use the grenade to resolve this. Otherwise, too many people would dare to interfere with this matter. Then our troubles would be huge."

Being a mammoth ivory hunter was a strange profession. The people guarded themselves against each other and attacked one another. However, once they met with external enemies, they would quickly unite among themselves.

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That was linked to their identities. Most of them were criminals who have committed felonies and escaped justice. There was no shortage of people who came to seek revenge or law enforcement officials who came to arrest them.

Hence, when they were faced with an external enemy, they would unite and fight together. It was so that if in the future, they met with trouble themselves, others would also help them.

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