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Website : qidian china Views : 1.40 million Rating : 7.8(436) Chapters : 1666 Status : completed Word count : 3.44 million author rank : lv5 This review is not copied from above review. In above review stats are wrong


Uncle Kim is not happy, I'll nuke you all This is a good novel ah MC is a Chinese dude, stay in America rent a room, his landlord hannah fox, is a super hot babe like megan fox (just kidding) He have an amber with strange insect inside, one day the amber fall an cracking, the insect craw out and bor to MC palm, then boom long story short MC can control this insect and foresight Hunting coins, money under vending machine, and any other treasures anywhere. Yup this novel not about transmigration, or reincarnation, it is modern life. You fcker being lazy and didn't even doing research before voting. Uncle Kim really mad right now


I have to say that this story is really interesting, intriguing and quite unique. If you like the TV show Storage Wars, then you'll probably get hooked with this novel. Please give it a try and support the team translatong ^_^


this i bet would be amazing cause i thinks it's about a man treasure hunting for loot and i bet he has a system and some companion -like monsters by by his side which would be pretty damn cool. also i hope it's not harem or he has a 1-dimensional so called great master teaching him because i want him to be a lone wolf the whole time because there's alot of mc 's saying they don't want to meddle with other people but then like 20 chaps later he's rolling into every dungeon he goes into with some squad the author put together in like 10 minutes. that just sucks i hope this isn't one of those novels with major cliches with a fresh take on novels like tomb raider and like to see him building confidence to do things like the tomb raider in that one really popular tomb raider series where at first there clumsy < nervous , unconfident and then 100 chaps later they build up confidence which leads to great character development which i would like to see. in other novels here is the only character development. first chap : little level 1 scrub that can be crushed like an ant by any person thats a little pussy and doesn't have a life chap 3 : fearless person who wants to have good life and make their familys life great etc. chap 100 : MC = Chuck Norris and leroy please have good character development , that's all i want (plus no 1-d cold side bae + harem) who also has formidable background p.s sorry for massive review


This sounds very interesting...so...what I got was... a animal taming luffy going around with his animals getting all the treasures...yes...👍


This novel has a trash stupid idiot mc. he was like a beggar one day before, then earn some money and waste almost all of it on a random hostile wild puss.y to treat her in a human hospital. yap, people here puss.y means cat. and he didn't even ask where the animal hospital is. although it would be much cheaper.


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The premises of the story doesn't look too promising. 25 chapters in, yet everything has been thoroughly repeated again and again, nothing's new. And seriously, Big Fox believed his bullsh-it about Li having a family secret or whtvr as a reason to why he could find treasures easily? And all the characters aside from the MC and his allies are drawn as dumb by the author. The story's fine, but boring as f-ck. Will probably drop or something. ----- And why the hell is my reading status at ch. 9


I voted for The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe instead of this and boy do i feel stupid, this is far more interesting and easier to read then that sack of **** The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe novel crap.


This seems like a non-fantasy novel that probably takes place in older times, like during the gold rush or something. This gives me an Indiana Jones feel and will probably be really similar. Though, you could also assume that a treasure-loving race is involved from the synopsis.


This is garbage. I have tried twice now to read this because the concept sounds interesting. It is written about a man who was scammed and now goes about being a scammer. His justification is that all the men he cheats are rude, ignorant and racist. Yes, every man in the book is racist against the Chinese. While the women a virginal saints that need the MC to save them. If this was a magic setting instead of a real place it would still be crap. Because all the interactions are the same and the characters are one dimensional.


Do you think this story like what I think? Well, if so I want to know if it true =_= Summary : Once upon a time, life a human that have an affinity with a beast or non human. He loves gold, silver, and shiny antique thingy. So he go around the world with his beast friends to search for treasure and in his adventure he met more beast and some human comrade. And then he became a legend.... If its like that, well, just waiting for an update^-^ /**. I made a camp here ☆◇☆


Expecting a fun mix of tomb raider and an uncharted like storyline which will be kind of epic and fun to read and i hope to see the storyline progress into a choatic and fantastic episodes on the mc adventure's.


the story is great and interesting about a man who become vault treasure hunt. but the most cringe or the most i dont like it is the author set the place in USA and the way they chat is like chinnese not just mc but everyone !!. many cursing and many racist dialog. author not do some research about USA first and write it by his own understanding about America..


It is not the best book in the world but it sure is interesting. People competing each other in storage auction and a touch of supernatural power, it sure is a good time killer. Food scenes here and there can make you feel hungry too. I am looking forward to this story's future development. :)


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KiBiBiK's review series: One sentence review: A pretty interesting cheat power that gets ruined through boring repetition of the plot as well as uninteresting and unrelatable characters (And also boring and fake dialogues). Detailed review: An interesting cheat power that has tremendous potential in terms of treasure hunting. I had great hopes for the future but the story clearly showed its level of less than mediocrity from the beginning itself. I could think of tens of scenes and uses of this power straight out of my mind in a couple of seconds but the author decided to stick with 'storage' gambling. Just that. Repeat that. Repeat that. Repeat that. Did n't you get annoyed? Exactly that's my problem here. 60+ chapters done and the author is cycling the same thing again and again. And let me tell you, this thing is new and but not the coolest. (I believe 130+ is still the same thing) Is there a hook that makes you read the novel? NO Is there an interesting character or MC that makes you continue reading? NO. (Some might like the characters- but I find them dull) Another big problem is the unnecessary racial discrimination and slurs used. Just freaking unneeded. "Yellow" this. "Yellow" that. Seriously. You could do better. Logic: Somewhat works somewhere. But I find big loopholes everywhere in terms of modern legal system as well as personality. A foreign student who got enrolled in a 'Fake' university will be in the process of DEPORTATION. But the MC can do whatever he wants. Maybe, the author will touch that up later? who knows? It is illegal to work or earn money for someone with a Student Visa. This guy is making money and then publicizing it. Let's forget this assuming he is a US citizen or permanent resident. But he is clearly not American. A stranger who he just met is willing to invest money trusting him without questions? And even gives 60-40 share? Seriously? What year is this? Characters are too loud and dull. "Hey Buddy" hundred times. The usage of God in this novel is HORRIBLE and annoying. You are Cheating for God's sake and still say God loves me. Too lazy to write anything else..Yawn I read this much leaving my brain locked up. Good luck. You might like it. Pros A unique modern setting An interesting cheat power Cons All the sentences above


Cerita yang sangat menarik dan pekerjaan MC juga sangat menarik tapi ending ceritanya terlalu cepat seperti di paksakan untuk tamat padahal cerita sebelumnya masih sangat menarik.


Sigh. It has a good start but too long and windy middle part. The characters are a but flat and yeah, even the choice of heroine is so bad. Sigh. Seems writer is fantastical about rich and glory and typical rich man life.