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KiBiBiK's review series: One sentence review: A pretty interesting cheat power that gets ruined through boring repetition of the plot as well as uninteresting and unrelatable characters (And also boring and fake dialogues). Detailed review: An interesting cheat power that has tremendous potential in terms of treasure hunting. I had great hopes for the future but the story clearly showed its level of less than mediocrity from the beginning itself. I could think of tens of scenes and uses of this power straight out of my mind in a couple of seconds but the author decided to stick with 'storage' gambling. Just that. Repeat that. Repeat that. Repeat that. Did n't you get annoyed? Exactly that's my problem here. 60+ chapters done and the author is cycling the same thing again and again. And let me tell you, this thing is new and but not the coolest. (I believe 130+ is still the same thing) Is there a hook that makes you read the novel? NO Is there an interesting character or MC that makes you continue reading? NO. (Some might like the characters- but I find them dull) Another big problem is the unnecessary racial discrimination and slurs used. Just freaking unneeded. "Yellow" this. "Yellow" that. Seriously. You could do better. Logic: Somewhat works somewhere. But I find big loopholes everywhere in terms of modern legal system as well as personality. A foreign student who got enrolled in a 'Fake' university will be in the process of DEPORTATION. But the MC can do whatever he wants. Maybe, the author will touch that up later? who knows? It is illegal to work or earn money for someone with a Student Visa. This guy is making money and then publicizing it. Let's forget this assuming he is a US citizen or permanent resident. But he is clearly not American. A stranger who he just met is willing to invest money trusting him without questions? And even gives 60-40 share? Seriously? What year is this? Characters are too loud and dull. "Hey Buddy" hundred times. The usage of God in this novel is HORRIBLE and annoying. You are Cheating for God's sake and still say God loves me. Too lazy to write anything else..Yawn I read this much leaving my brain locked up. Good luck. You might like it. Pros A unique modern setting An interesting cheat power Cons All the sentences above


Treasure Hunt Tycoon

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Forgot to mention, You get to know about some antique stuff and its prices..