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It is not the best book in the world but it sure is interesting. People competing each other in storage auction and a touch of supernatural power, it sure is a good time killer. Food scenes here and there can make you feel hungry too. I am looking forward to this story's future development. :)


Treasure Hunt Tycoon

Full-Metal Bullet

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I vote this book for like 1 month straight. I liked the setting of this book and how MC gonna take advantages of auctions. Not those racist encounters he meet every 3-4 chapters. Seriously author disappointed me with more and more people cursing MC for being yellow and MC cursing other people for being redneck, black, uneducated or dumb . That's so cheap Author-san. I am here to read a novel or light novel(that is suppose to be light to read). No, I am not here to read propaganda sheet or racists killing each other like savages for no apparent reasons. It is still around 32 chapters now but I am so pissed I should just stop reading this cheap thing.