1041 Provoked

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All twelve warehouses had been inspected. Li Du was speechless!

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A warehouse worth up to ten million dollars. He had never seen such a thing.

With such value, its contents were bound to be remarkable. It had to contain some sort

of antiques, or precious metals of some kind.

However, if it contained antique pieces, it would have attracted little bug, given its small

space. The little bug would eventually find them like a guided missile.

If it contained precious metals worth up to ten million dollars, the stash would definitely

not be small. Li Du had turned the warehouses upside down, but he did not find these


Twelve warehouses were sorted according to their value. The highest priced would be

the furniture warehouse that dissatisfied him at first sight.

The furniture inside, though damaged, was made of solid wood. After repairing,

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