1042 Good Partner

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The day before, Li Du had purchased pepper spray, an electric shock baton, and a stun


He had wanted to prepare himself for any kidnapping or robbery that could happen in

the future. After all, he was now rich, with more than four billion US dollars as private


It just so happened that those items he bought were put to use no more than a day


With Time Deceleration, Carl's movements instantly slowed down and Li Du whipped

out the pepper spray at a leisurely pace. He sprayed it on Carl's face very thoroughly

and meticulously.

Just like graffiti artists in impoverished slums, Li Du did the spraying with utmost

seriousness, paying special attention to Carl's eyes, nose, and mouth.

As the spray contents got into both Carl's eyes, they rapidly turned bloody-red. 

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He no longer cared about punching Li Du, but instead retracted both his hands and

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