698 Oil On The Stool

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In the end, Big Quinn was the one who gave up the toilet stall to Li Du. Despite that, Li Du couldn't go in—Hans snatched the stall first. "D*mn it, let me go first. I still have a date who's waiting outside."

Li Du helplessly raised his head and stared at the ceiling in an attempt to distract himself to delay the gas that was ready to come out from his buttocks.

After Hans entered the toilet, a series of fart sounds, which were very clear, resonated from the stall.

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Someone in the adjacent toilet stall laughed softly. "F*ck, who's setting off firecrackers in the toilet?"

Finally, another person exited a stall. After Li Du entered the stall, he hurriedly squatted for a while first. However, he did not feel like defecating and also did not have diarrhea.

Despite that, there was something flowing involuntarily out of his anus.

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