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After ascertaining what had happened, the four angry men drove back to Fresh Polar Seafood in a huff.

Hans wanted to charge immediately into the restaurant. He'd never been so humiliated in his life, especially in front of a date—he was in a rage.

Li Du held him back. "Leave this to me."

He didn't go in directly but instead approached a passerby. "Hi friend, I would like to order some dishes from this restaurant but it's not convenient for me to go in to do so. Are you able to help?"

As he said that, he took out a 500 yuan note. "Just two dishes—the rest of the money is yours."

The passerby he'd approached was a youth who was delighted to see the money. He asked, "What would you like to order?"

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Li Du said, "A fried codfish and a sweet and sour pork. It shouldn't cost more than 100 dollars—you can keep the change."

The youth agreed readily and went in to order the two dishes before taking a seat in waiting.

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