857 Not Yours Anymore

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Seeing the two bodyguards beating the mine owners, Li Du led his men and watched the scene with relish. From time to time he commented, "Wow, what a straight punch! This is called an eye shimmer in China! This is so cool, Brother Wolf, can you do this? Hey, Ulysses, don't cover your head. Your *ss is going to be kicked, haha!"

Aubrey lamented, "It's a great scene. Unfortunately, we don't have any wine."

With a sly smile, Holiday drew a small, flat wine bottle from his trouser pocket and said, "Says who? Come, lads. One sip for each!"

Seeing the two bodyguards beating them up, Elson walked over with a sullen face and asked, "Guys, can anyone tell me what's going on?"

Li Du nodded, and Lu Guan told him what he had seen along with some extra description.

Lennon, clutching his stomach and cowering on the floor, screamed, "You guys are trespassing! Trespassing! F**k, wait! I'll call the police!"

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