858 Ocean Black Opal

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Elson showed Li Du what it meant to be "rage decisive." Within a few days, all eight people involved in the electrical current incident with Steve were sent to prison. However, while they went to prison for different reasons, they all shared the same fate.

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Elson had contacted lawyers, private investigators, banks, and the tax office, and sent the mine owners first to court and then to jail. Of the nine mines surrounding Li Du's mine, eight of the mine owners were found guilty, and their mines were taken back by the government. The other owner was lucky. That mine owner had not been involved in the conflict with Li Du, so Elson let him go. Together with Blanchett's mine, 12 mines were taken back from eight mine owners. Elson then bought all the mines. Li Du had no idea how Elson had done it.

After a series of dazzling operations, the matter was over.

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