689 Nostalgia

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After the driver explained, Li Du soon understood what was going on.

Now, the provincial capital airport had followed in the footsteps of the railway station and had become chaotic. Many drivers of black cars had been waiting there for the opportunity to swindle passengers.

They would target those from out of town and offered low prices to entice them. After driving the passengers off, they would find a deserted place to drop the passengers off before going back in search of the next gullible passenger.

After being bullied, the passengers would call the police, but the police couldn't care less about such matters.

It was not that the police were unhelpful but the passengers had chosen rogue drivers. There was no proof that they had pre-negotiated the destinations with the drivers.

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After such incidents, the police could only put up posters at the airport, reminding passengers not to take the black cars.

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