688 Discrimination From The Driver

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While looking at Big Quinn and Godzilla, the bald driver forced a smile and asked Li Du, "Young man, these three aren't the three friends you were talking about, right?"

Li Du nodded. "Yeah, it's them."

Noticing that the driver had an unpleasant look on his face, Li Du thought he was frightened by Big Quinn's glare and Godzilla's physique. "Don't be frightened. These fellas are all good-tempered."

The bald driver took out the 500 dollars that he had just received and handed it to Li Du. "Sorry, young man, I won't do this business."

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"Why?" Li Du asked. "You can rest assured: these two are my assistants and I know them very well . . . "

"Not doing means not doing," the bald driver impatiently interrupted. "You nag and nag. No." He very quickly cooled down and said, "No. I mean I'm really not doing this business."

"Why?" Li Du asked again. "You have already accepted the payment. Why did you say that you aren't doing this business?"

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