753 Much Easier

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More than a million Australian dollars was not a problem for Li Du. He had no need to take out a loan, and he paid the full amount directly.

Rooney was overjoyed. It might not be his biggest yacht sale, but it was one of the most enjoyable. Li Du paid the money on the spot, and the company's heavy industry manager did all the paperwork. The deal was a success!

"Do you have a ship driving license?" he asked. "If you don't have one, you have to hire a driver. I can contact one for you."

Upon hearing this, Li Du and others were depressed.

They only wanted to buy a fishing boat at first. Any ordinary person could drive it after having some training. Now that they had bought a ship, they would need a ship diving license. How would any one of them have that?

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Fortunately, the quiet Brother Wolf spoke up. "Boss, I have, but it is from Germany. I have to translate it to use it in Australia."

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