331 Missed A Good Chance

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The "Time Deceleration" ability was very strong; as the saying went: "To conquer the world of martial arts, speed is everything." Displaying his extraordinary talent, Li Du had turned into a martial arts expert!

Previously, his physical fitness was only average. Ever since he had gotten the little bug, he had been working out religiously, so as to have more stamina to control the bug. In half a year, his fitness level had improved by leaps and bounds.

With Li Du possessing both speed and strength, how would these youths be any match for him? The key to winning a fight was to be faster and stronger than one’s opponent—Li Du had the upper hand since he had both these qualities.

For the first attack, the young men did not even see how it happened. Struck by Li Du, Marate and the other two young men standing in front ended up on the ground.

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