332 Another Visit to The City of Angels

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According to the weather report, this summer rain would go on for a few days, over Arizona’s central and northern regions. Toward the end, there would be heavy rain and possibly thunderstorms.

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Hans used the time to deal with the hood ornament and umbrella. On Monday, Li Du, Big Quinn, and he took a flight to LA to sell the hood ornaments.

"Who did you contact? Why so far?" Li Du asked.

Hans said, "A car memorabilia enthusiast—he was the only one who was willing to accept this contraband. This hood ornament can’t be sold in Flagstaff since it was lost in Flagstaff."

Li Du nodded. "Since it’s contraband, should we slash the price?"

Hans said, "That all depends on our negotiation skills. But now this hood ornament’s no longer contraband. I’ve already wiped its slate clean."

Li Du became interested and asked, "How did you do that?"

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