743 Met Associates

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Li Du didn't bother casting his fishing rod again.

The owner of the boat got out of the water. First, he stepped on the yacht's ladder, then he tied the net to his waist, hooked the net box to it, and then finally, he climbed up and leaned over to pick up the net and the box.

The net was so full that he nearly fell when he grabbed it.

When Godzilla saw this, he went up and pulled it up.

The owner of the yacht was greatly impressed by the way he easily carried the net and the box and gave him a thumbs up.

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He praised Godzilla and went back to Li Du, laughing at the empty fish box. "Nothing? That's strange. I think you must have forgotten to cast your rod, or you'd definitely pick up one or two fish."

Li du didn't care about catching fish. He went out to sea at night to relax. Otherwise, he could monitor the hook with the little bug.

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