742 Admiring the Same Moon

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While Li Du was looking at the sky from the sea, the moon appeared even before the sun had set.

Furthermore, for some unknown reason, Li Du felt that the moon looked much bigger when viewed from the sea than from land. Just like what he used to write in his primary school essays, the moon was, "a big silver plate hanging in the middle of the sky."

As the sky gradually darkened, the moon became brighter and brighter, with its snow-white glow shining onto the sea. With the rippling of the water, the rolling waves, and the reflection of the moon on the water, tens of thousands of moons appeared on the water.

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Every wave that rolled by had a moon moving along with it, and every ripple of the water had a moon appearing on it.

The moon was bright, and the stars were few. Although the moon was huge that night, there were no clusters of stars to be found. The few sparkling stars that could be seen were scattered throughout the sky, keeping the moon company.

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