1117 Messed Up The Plan

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Carlston brewed sweet, fragrant coffee for Li Du.

They sat in a small hall on the west side, looking out to the red sky and the setting sun,

all the way to the endless green space of Central Park.

Even though it was already winter, all was still greenish everywhere below.

"It's great here," Li Du put down his coffee cup and sighed softly.

He had never felt so different from the past.

Although he had money and possessions before, in Australia and Africa, no matter how

much money he had, he was not much different from any ordinary tourist.

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Back in the States, he lived in a suburban villa in Phoenix. It was a big villa, but it was

not a rich man's house. Even an average income family might have lived there.

Therefore, even with more than $4 billion in his bank account, he still didn't think much

of it. It was just a bunch of numbers.

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