1116 A Kind Of Friendship

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Li Du's trip to New York was fruitless because Carlston played tricks on him. However,

unlike the average opponent Li Du had met, Carlston had not been hostile.

He talked to President Cole, and as soon as he got out of the office building, Carlston's

car, also a Rolls-Royce, drove up.

Li Du looked at him coldly to see what he was up to.

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Carlston, however, gave him a smile that looked genuine. "Li, it's getting late. Why don't

you come over to my house and be our guest? Yesterday was our porcelain wedding

anniversary, and my wife and I have a unique perspective on our relationship."

Americans paid special attention to marriage anniversary, giving each year's wedding

anniversary its own name. The first anniversary was called paper, the second was

called cloth, the ten-year mark was tin anniversary, and fifty years was gold.

China wedding was a code name for the twentieth wedding anniversary. It would seem

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