905 Make a Pig of Yourself!

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They had come to Indianapolis this time for Pacers Storage Company, a warehouse located at the border of the city.

Li Du didn't understand. In any case, Dahntay Jones was a basketball player with an annual income of a few million. Why didn't he rent a better warehouse for these sneakers? For instance, those smaller storage companies that target household users.

Pacers Storage Company owned a few hundred warehouses. Its service targeted the masses, and the warehouses contained all kinds of items. This kind of warehouse was not suitable for storing high-value items.

The warehouse was located beside Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This race track was massive—the Indianapolis 500 was held annually here. 

Every year, at the end of May, this speedway became packed with a sea of people. During that time, the number of spectators exceeded 450,000 people.

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