906 Ali the Little Bomb

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The three of them drank root beer, and before long, trays of food arrived.

Country spicy hot dogs, pork tenderloin with sauce dripping, fried cheese with a strong aroma, a large plate of ribs, and a big bowl of corn pudding, a wild style of tasty food.

Not only that, but after they ate a while the waiter brought over more food:

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Chili five-spices roast beef, corn lamb, chocolate cake, a pizza covered with prawns, and a large plate of smoked sausages cut into chunks.

Looking at the plate of sausages, Li Du said, "Waiter, these are not our dishes, right? Who ordered this stuff?"

Hans and Wolf shook their heads. They hadn't dared to order. There was too much food.

The waiter laughed loudly and said. "They're from our boss. Our specialties. They are praised by people who taste them."

What could Li Du say with the enthusiasm of the boss? He took large bites to show his gratitude.

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