408 Just Scram Part II

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Kellan was immediately moved by Li Du’s offer.

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Frank got anxious at this sight. "Caution, my friend, this Chinaman is very cunning. You gotta be careful!"

Kellan looked at Li Du suspiciously, and said slowly, "Don’t worry, my cousin’s here."

The police officer immediately said, "Yes, he won’t dare deceive us. I’m sure he would absolutely not mess around with the Pratt family in Derta."

Frank was displeased; he muttered something under his breath.

Judging from the mouth movement, Li Du could tell that he had said "stupid."

Kellan asked, "Hey friend, how should I address you?"

"You can call me ‘Li’ or you can follow your good pals in calling me ‘Chinaman.’ But, that will mean we can forget about the deal."

Kellan immediately laughed, "Of course, of course, I know. Li, nice to meet you. Now my question is: how will I know if you have money to take over my business?"

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