409 I’ll Return the Money

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Hans went back into the office and heard Kellan chasing Frank and the other two out. He was so surprised that he looked at Li Du and gave him a thumbs-up silently. Amazing! Good job! he thought.

The three of them had to leave the office reluctantly as the police officer was coming over to shove them.

Just before they went out the door, Frank turned to say, "You’ll regret it, Kellan Pratt—for believing this lad, you’ll regret it!"

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They could stay in the office and drink beer and coffee with the Pratt brothers earlier because they had helped them earn money.

Li Du had asked Turis and the group of treasure hunters, and he got to know that those crooks didn’t earn more than 10,000 dollars. After deducting the manpower costs and costs of the goods, both parties would only get around 4,000 dollars.

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