747 Ineffective Troops

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Li Du hated when people used excuses such as, "I like to be straightforward," or "I like to speak the truth," to hide their rude language.

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The boat owner's attitude and words made him angry. "Don't jump to conclusions so quickly. It is just catching some lobsters and crabs from the sea, right? This is a piece of cake. Let's have a bet if you don't believe me," he said coldly.

"How do you want to set up the bet?"

"I see you have shrimp cages and crab cages on your boat, right? Give us an hour, we'll go to sea, and an hour later we'll come back with lobsters and crabs," said Li Du.

The owner of the boat shook his head firmly. "No, I will not take any chances with you."

"We'll stay where you can see us the whole time. Isn't that safe? You can see us on the water," said Li Du.

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