748 The Difference Between Ah Meow and Ah Ow

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Even though his body was here, his mind was somewhere else.

This sentence described Li Du's current situation. Even though he had returned to the yacht, he was still obsessed with the cages that were placed in the reef and would, from time to time, send the little bug down to have a look.

Hans handed him a bottle of beer. "Can we win this time?"

"Have I lost any bets that I took part in?" Li Du asked with a poker face.

His vision was still on the little bug. There were already Australian Rock Lobsters inside a lobster cage placed in the reef. A two-pound lobster had burrowed into the cage, grabbed a piece of chicken, and was smugly getting ready to devour it.

There were two other smaller lobsters fighting with each other to get into a lobster cage. In an attempt to enter the cage first, both of them were forcing their way into one of the cage's openings.

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They brandished their pincers before fighting each other.

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