115 If Others Antagonize Me

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The auctioneer thought that the price could go higher, and so happily increased the bidding price.

But Li Di did not make an offer, and only watched the nervous Lucas and company with amusement.

Hence, Lucas realized he had been deceived, and said angrily, "Hey, Chinese as*hole, were you not going to make an offer?"

Li Du said casually, "Did I say I was going to make an offer? Did you imagine what you heard? I only wanted Mr. Auctioneer to continue the bidding because I really didn't want to hear your voice."

The auctioneer shouted "eighty-one thousand dollars" three times, but there were no takers.

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Therefore, he tapped on Lucas's shoulder and said, "Eighty-one thousand dollars. Guys, this great storage unit is going to this good fellow. Let us congratulate him. Crazy Lucas has successfully bidded for the first unit!"

Li Du applauded with all his might, and said, "Mr. Lucas speaks impressively, but it was more like impressively stupid."

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