116 Eye-Opener

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The auctioneer did not concern himself with petty personal feuds. The two earlier storage units had already enabled him to earn a very good commission. Since storage unit 48 did not interest many people, he quickly closed the deal, saying, "Very good, 1,000 dollars—you have bought this unit at a steal, buddy!"

Lucas shouted, "Very good! For 1,000 dollars this junk is yours!"

Hans showed him his middle finger. "In horror shows, people like you don't survive more than two minutes."

"No more than two minutes in the movies as well. I am talking about the romantic movies filmed by RB—even in those he wouldn't last for more than two minutes," Li Du said icily.

Lucas laughed heartily, "Are you sure? Or would you like to test out my kung fu?"

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"The two-minute Kung Fu? Chopsticks Kung Fu? Spaghetti Kung Fu?" Li Du laughed with disdain.

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