972 How to Apologize

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It was one thing to resent the rudeness of these young men, but quite another to let wild

elephants crush people to death in their cars.

Li Du looked at Brother Wolf and said, "Is there any way to get them out of here?"

"Let us do it," said Cheeks.

He called out a few words in Hadza, and some hunters with bows and arrows reluctantly

changed their arrows.

The hunters used a type of arrow that Li Du had never seen before. The arrows and

shafts were wrapped in some coarse cloth. After taking them out, they pulled down their

trousers to urinate. Then they bent and approached the elephants. The arrows were

burning as they shot upwards.

One arrow after another fell, landing right next to the SUV.

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Gradually, some smoke appeared. When the wind blew, smoke quickly filled the air and

turned the area around the SUV into a smoky haze with a pungent smell.

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