973 Grace and Almighty

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There was nothing about these youngsters that he cared for.

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Their parents and relatives were quite powerful in South Africa. The blond young man's father was the South African ambassador of Australia. One girl's father was an official of the Australian government in Tasmania, quite high in position. He was one of the members of parliament.

The others' parents were South Africa's wealthy businessmen or in senior management positions of some international company in South Africa. These family backgrounds were incredible, but Li Du did not care at all.

Even if all of them joined hands, their power would still be no match for Lion Hunter. He was not even intimidated by Lion Hunter, let alone these people.

The blond young man and the girl called, "Renata" seemed to have some uses. He was interested in the purchase of Seagull Island in Australia, and perhaps their families could be of assistance.

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