565 Going All Out

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Godzilla and Big Quinn nodded approvingly while eating the stew with bread after having added the chili.  

Godzilla loved to smack his lips while eating. Although Big Quinn had been brought up well and ate his meals quietly, having spent so much time with Godzilla made him pick up the habit of smacking his lips as well.

Li Du considered it to be a bad habit. When he was young, his parents would hit his mouth with chopsticks whenever he smacked his lips while eating.

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However, truth be told, when eating in a group, the smacking of lips was satisfying and made the meal seem more scrumptious.

Consequently, hearing Godzilla and Big Quinn smacking their lips made him follow suit.

Sophie noticed it and gave him an admonitory stare.

Li Du was stunned. "What's the matter? You want some chili, too?"

Sophie was left speechless. She decided to set a good example by eating her stew and bread in small bites.

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