564 Treasure-Seeking Racoon

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Fortunately, the pressure cooker soon gave off a hissing sound akin to a steam whistle, Woo! Woo!

The piercing sound startled Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles, who were gathered in front of the pressure cooker, causing them to recoil, turn tail and flee.

Their sense of hearing was much stronger than that of humans. As such, the sound must have been insufferable for them.

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Li Du took the opportunity to pull Crispy Noodles away and quietly drag him to the location of a piece of fire opal.

Crispy Noodles raised his head and stared foolishly at Li Du with silly-looking eyes. He was uncertain of what to do.

Li Du sighed helplessly. He pushed open a rock with his legs and gently threw a piece of preserved fruit inside.

Crispy Noodles's eyes lit up after seeing the food. He used his two small claws to effortlessly pry open the rocks. He then proceeded to cram his mouth inside to search for the piece of fruit before devouring it in two to three bites.

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