913 God Says, No Light

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The sun set, but the moon did not rise.

Li Du was delighted with the beautiful weather. He felt that these b*stards needed to be taken care of and given a dark, gloomy sky.

If there weren't any lights on, the sky would be really dark and gloomy. A light came on inside the villa. There was also another one similar to a searchlight that lit up the place.

"D*mn it! This is annoying," Li Du cursed.

Brother Wolf rubbed his hands together. "Let me cut their power cords."

This was his specialty. He definitely did not miss this training in the army.

Li Du laughed grimly, "It's alright. I'll have Ah Meow deal with them."

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This was just talk. As a matter of fact, Ah Meow could not be allowed to execute the plan because he would only take advantage of the confusion to mount a sneak attack.

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