914 First Encounter

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The next day, just after dawn, the doorbell in Li Du's villa rang.

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Ah Ow woke up and howled twice. Li Du went downstairs in his pajamas and looked outside. He saw three policemen at his doorway.

He went out in a daze and asked, "Hey, officers, what's going on?"

A policeman saluted him and took out his little book. "Hello, sir. Something happened to your neighbor last night. We have questions to ask you, please cooperate."

Li Du was immediately stunned and said, "Something happened to my neighbors? Can I ask what happened?"

The officers looked at each other, and the black policeman nodded. "Of course. They were kidnapped . . . "

Li Du shook his head with a smile. "That's impossible, they had dozens of people over. A lot of people. Young, strong people. To silently kidnap them . . . you would have to use an army."

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