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Cole did as he was told, and quickly assigned Li Du a team that would help him contract

out a mine in South Africa.

There were two parts of the team. One was a group of lawyers, who were responsible

for solving legal problems of land contracting and for the main work process.

Another part of the team was the personnel such as the field engineer, gem expert, and

geological expert. They were in charge of the practical side, such as estimation of gem

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content in the field.

Li Du was confident about digging the mine. He used the little bug and searched

meticulously. He found the trace of many diamonds in subterranean ore. The spot was

rich with diamonds.

Therefore, he felt that they need not use the second part of the personnel at the

moment. The team could just go and inspect the mine after he bought it.

However, these men were not quite without work. He had a geological problem to

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