1037 400 Million

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The suitcase, placed on the table, was not too big. It was simple designed, not pretentious in the slightest.

Li Du snapped his fingers and glanced at Tang Chaoyang and Song Biaozi. "Please."

Song Biaozi looked at the case and said in disappointment, "Only this?"

Diamonds were very hard, incredibly hard, so they could damage each other. They were extremely valuable so they were generally stored separately.

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There were small compartments in the storage suitcase, and each contained a diamond. This prevented the diamonds from colliding and becoming damaged during transportation.

In this case, a small suitcase really could not store many diamonds.

Song Biaozi casually went over and lifted the case. As he lifted it up, his expression became surprised. "Hey, this is really heavy."

The calm and composed Tang Chaoyang waved his hand and said, "Don't move. Open the case."

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