672 First Deal

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Li Du was very annoyed with these Native Americans. Most of them hadn't received much education and had worrying personal qualities.

In just a short half an hour since arriving in Horseshoe Town, he had only met two groups of Native Americans and neither group had given him a good impression.

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If not for the introduction by Blacktooth Robbie, Li Du would have actually believed Fawkes's words and would have decided not to have any more dealings with Native Americans.

Hans had a better temperament when doing business. He was fine so long as he was able to make a profit from the other party.

Faced with the sneer of the Native American boss, Hans smiled and asked, "You really are very perceptive—we are all rookies. How could you tell?"

The Native American boss listlessly replied, "Don't blame me for speaking harshly, young fellas. I am giving you guys a lesson. Only a rookie would bargain like you guys. Let me tell you how everyone does business here."

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