673 A Fish’s Attack

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The red salmon was a very important cash-generating produce in the United States fishing industry. The government had been protective of it.

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Salmon fishing along the Colorado River was popular amongst fishing enthusiasts, but the Fisheries Department had set the rule that during the salmon's migratory season, the maximum anyone could get was ten fish.

In addition, one needed a fishing license to fish for salmon. There were also requirements in terms of the fish's length and weight—those weighing less than 3.3 pounds could not be caught so as to protect the salmon's reproductive cycle.

Hans had a fishing license. For their current visit to Horseshoe Town, they had planned on fishing for salmon. So he wore his fishing license on his chest to take part in the fishing.

There were many people sitting on the banks, and from time to time, there would be salmon caught on hooks.

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