295 Enemies Are Fated to Meet

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It took Ah Meow less than two minutes to return with a fat hare in its mouth.

Hans was impressed. "This ocelot is better than a hunting dog."

Li Du gave it another piece of dried fish and said proudly, "Of course, the ocelot is the king of the jungle."

Ah Meow held its round head up. "Meow."

It was energized after eating the dried fish. It led the others to the mountains. Suddenly, it slowed down its pace and carefully jumped on a tree.

Li Du and the others slowed down too; Big Quinn listened carefully and whispered, "We are lucky today. There are more wild boars."

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They hid themselves behind the bushes. When they popped their head, they saw a pack of wild boars on a slope near them.

Li Du counted: there were ten wild boars in total. Two of them were adult wild boars while the remaining ones were smaller, younger wild boars.

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