296 Below the Clouds, Above the Mountains

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Li Du saw that the familiar person was Harris, the Native American who had previously tried to set him up at his casino under Rick’s instructions. In the end, Li Du won more than 5 million dollars from the casino.

Harris was small in stature. He was blocked by the Native American in front of him and couldn’t see Li Du, so he shouted, "Hugo, what’s going on? Why did you shoot?"

Seeing Harris and the others, Hugo turned even more fearless. "Cousin Harris, someone tried to snatch our prey—we need to make them pay!"

Harris was also a vicious man. Once he heard that, he roared, "What? Snatching prey from us? Who? Who is it—"

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That was when he saw Li Du and Hans. He quickly swallowed his remaining words.

Li Du smiled at him and said, "Mr. Harris, how are you?"

Harris’s face convulsed in an amusing manner. First, it flushed red with anger. Then, it turned pale—but it soon returned to normal with a slight smile.

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