749 Diving

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"I'm sorry, man, I'm very sorry. I shouldn't have questioned you. My perception is still too narrow. Obviously, there are many people who are great in this world."

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Brother Wolf looked at the owner of the boat and at his daughter. Then he reached out and touched his daughter's hair. He said slowly, "I forgive you."

"Thank you," the owner of the boat said and then went back to his cabin in despair. He did not come out again the whole night.

After spending a night at sea as usual and seeing the sunrise on the sea, they returned to shore and left King Island for Melbourne by express boat.

Big Quinn, Godzilla, Hannah, and the others went to Melbourne to have a look around the tourist areas. Li Du, Hans, Brother Wolf, and Sophie followed Li Du and went to learn diving.

They signed up for a crash course in diving led by team coach David Max, a southern hemisphere diver and a celebrity in the diving industry.

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