385 Committee of 100

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Li Di had no idea what was the deal with the two types of medicine; he only knew that most medicines for heart attacks contain nitroglycerin.

But evidently, the young master’s medicine was superior to medicine with nitroglycerin, like the kinds from China had. He had only taken it a short while ago and it had already taken effect.

Faced with his questioning, Steve was a little dazed, and only answered after some hesitation, "What happened?"

He came around very quickly, and said with a wry smile, "Oh God, did my heart failure act up again? D*mn, this time it happened so suddenly that I had no time to react!"

Li Du asked, "Can I help you up?"

Steve did not answer but instead asked, "Who gave me my medicine?"

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Li Du asked, "If you’re referring to those two bottles in your pocket, it was me who gave them to you."

Steve was shocked. "One under the tongue, and one to be crushed. How did you know?"

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