386 Don’t Ask About The Future

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As far as he knew, unlike other Chinese organizations in America, the entry requirements for the Committee of 100 were extremely stringent. Members would need to first recommend the person, who would then need to be examined and approved by the other members before entrance could be given.

He shared what he knew and Elson laughed, "If we recommend you, I think they would be willing to accept you."

After some consideration, Li Du declined Elson’s offer.

Any Chinese-American would be tempted to join the Committee of 100.

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The Committee of 100 was the most influential Chinese organization in America. Each year, they would invite many key persons from the political and business arenas to join.

Li Du remembered that in 2007, the Committee of 100 had invited the future President Obama to give a speech. In 2008, they invited the former Vice President, Big Blue’s Bill Gates, and Apple’s Steve Jobs, all of whom had attended some of the events.

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