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Li Du knew how to deal with this kind of people. He took out his phone as well and made a call. He called the prince, Cao Fan.

He did not have much contact with Cao Fan, but he saw that Cao Fan had an unusual attitude towards Tang Chaoyang. Now he and Tang Chaoyang were becoming very close, although they were only business partners.

Therefore, he believed that with the power of Cao Fan, he would surely understand the situation between him and Tang Chaoyang. If he asked for help, Cao Fan would be willing to assist him.

Sure enough, after he answered the call, Cao Fan asked warmly, "Brother Li? Ha, how come a busy person like you has the time to call me? I guess you ran into some trouble and want me to help you, right?"

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Li Du smiled and said, "Brother Cao, you really are a mastermind. Normally, I would not dare to trouble you. However, this time there is a small issue that I might not be able to settle, and I would like to ask for your help."

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