1188 Information On The Museum

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Li Du was not afraid of the motel owner, though he knew the man might threaten him out of despair.

The warehouse auction industry reached out to many people of all classes and levels, and Li Du had met his share of people like that greedy landlord.

Although these types were sometimes nefarious, they only bullied the weak. t They would cave in at a show of strength from their opponents.

The really crazy people were those who gambled and did drugs. These two vices could drive people mad, making them ready to do anything for their addiction.

Then there was the destitute class who had nothing. When someone destroyed their meaning of life, such as killing their relatives, they would become aggressive and capable of anything.

With little money and not much to lose, the motel owner naturally felt desperate.

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Li Du could guess what he would do. He would sell his motel at a low price and run away with the money.

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