1245 Big Gathering

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On the second day of March, Li Du met up with Luo Qun.

Luo Qun had packed lightly and was only carrying a backpack. It seemed like she was planning to travel light.

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On the other hand, Li Du's side was much more encumbered. He brought along Godzilla, Lu Guan, Brother Wolf, Big Ivan, and his eight other bodyguards. These people, together with Sophie, could form a team on their own.

Luo Qun was surprised. "You are bringing so many people along?"

Li Du said impatiently, "You think I want to? Do you know how much money I need to pay to include so many people? However, if I don't bring more people along, how are we going to deal with the dangers of Siberia? Who knows what's waiting for us there?"

Luo Qun grew silent, and when they were boarding the plane, she said sincerely, "Thank you, Old Li, I owe you this time around."

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