1244 Mammoth Ivory Hunter

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As the screaming was so loud, the people from the surrounding campsites walked out of their tents to check out what was happening.

As the soundproofing of the tents was very poor, most people would wear earplugs when they camped outdoors. Li Du was also wearing them, and their ability to block out the noise was superior.

Li Du had been pushed awake by someone. He opened his eyes, blinked and yawned. "What happened? Is it morning already?"

"No, it's that the animals attacked some men. Some of them are crying in pain outside."

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Hearing that, Li Du immediately made his way out. D*mnit, he had been defending himself against trouble from outsiders, but it was most difficult to stop his own animals from making trouble. Those animals have stirred up trouble for him again!

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