1150 Big Boss’s Surprise

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Remonin's camp had not moved, but its territory had expanded.

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The small hill remained at the center, but the camp's territory now extended farther in all directions.

The last time Li Du visited, the terrain around the hill was uneven. Now, there were more than ten cranes and road rollers working to flatten the land.

The helicopter landed on a large plot of empty land. A red carpet had been laid out on the ground. On one end of the carpet were soldiers in the Mozambique military uniform. When Li Du and Sophie stepped out of the helicopter, the military band started playing a song, following the conductor baton's lead.

This welcome ceremony was grander than the previous one. Other than being more formal and official, there was even a red carpet to walk on.

The red carpet looked fine from afar, but it seemed rather dirty on a closer look. It was unclear where Remonin had found it.

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