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As they were preparing to board the plane, Sophie laughed bitterly and said, "I didn't think that I would be fulfilling my promise so soon. Are you planning to fly around the world in the near future?"

Li Du spread his hands helplessly. "What can I do about this? Besides, wouldn't it be great to bring the parents along for a holiday?"

Back from New York, Li Du was getting ready for another long-haul journey. This time, he was going to Australia.

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Brother Wolf was going to Australia to be with his daughter during the second stage of her surgery. Now that Li Du had to attend to the purchase of the island, they decided to go to Australia together.

Li Du's parents had never been to Australia and, while Sophie's parents did visit the southern hemisphere continent, it had been close to thirty years ago, before Sophie was born. Hence, they decided they should all go to Australia together for sightseeing.

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